Saturday, February 8, 2014

Library Haul: I lack self-control

Yesterday, I went to my local library for the first time in a very very long time. The last two and a half years, I was busy with university clinical placements and never had the time to read novels let alone go to a library. But today, on a whim, I decided to go and see what I can find.

And I came home with 14 books.

I clearly need to exercise more willpower!!!

In my defense, however, I could have easily walked home with more than that. Once I got a pile from waist to chin (the most I can hold in a single pile), I determinedly walked past shelves that I would have otherwise browsed. Also, I think I ended up putting 4 or 5 books back on the shelves. But yes, it was difficult carrying the whole pile from library to my car. 

Click below to find out what books I got!

1. Rift Runners Trilogy by Jennifer Fallon

I did take photos of the actual books but they all had my local library barcode stuck somewhere on the beautiful cover so I thought this collage might be better :)

I am a big fan of Jennifer Fallon. I loved her Demon Child trilogy (one of my all time favorites) and I've also read the associated Hythrun Chronicles. In addition, I was blown away by her The Tide Lords series. So when I walked into the library today and saw she had a new series out plus all three books was on the shelves, I just had to grab them, even though all three were extra thick and added considerable height to my giant pile of books.

I don't know much about the series. According to the blurb of the first book The Undivided, psychic twins Ronan and Darragh were separated by a traitor Druid who threw Ronan through a rift into another reality. Now Darragh has to find his twin soon because otherwise, they will both die. Although this sounds simple enough, given my previous experience with Jennifer Fallon's works, I know for a fact that this trilogy will probably explode into epic proportions with multiple characters each with their own stories all interwoven into an epic read. The Undivided is followed by The Dark Divide and Reunion. So I absolutely cannot wait to start this series and I will definitely post a book review once I actually know more on what these books are about.

2. The Sevenwaters Series by Juliet Marillier

Juliet Marillier weaves such pretty fantasy novels that reminds me of childhood fairy tales. For instance, her first Sevenwaters novel Daughter of the Forest is a rework of The Six Swans fairy tale. Each book always leaves me feeling bittersweet because Marillier is an expert is crafting a fairy tale ending that was not sugary perfect. I read all three of her Sevenwaters novels, the Bridei Chronicles and the duology Wolfskin and Foxmask. So imagine my surprise today when I found out Juliet Marillier revisited the Sevenwaters world and created three new books Heir to Sevenwaters, Seer of Sevenwaters and Flame of Sevenwaters. I am so excited to read these!

For the review of Seer of Sevenwaters, click here.

3. Solar by Ian McEwan

Source: Solar by Ian McEwan
This book probably needs no introduction. I have read Atonement in the past and really enjoyed it so I picked Solar up today to enjoy more of Ian McEwan's works.

4. Carrie by Stephen King

I'm probably going to regret this choice. As I stated in my reading goals post, I have a very low threshold for horror. However, I feel like I would be missing out if I didn't read at least one of Stephen King's works. So I chose Carrie as it's his first novel. I plan on reading this one in broad daylight while in the presence of company to hopefully diminish the trauma this book will no doubt inflict on me.

For the review, click here.

5. The Omnibus Edition of Jane Austen's Novels

Click here to get directed to this pretty edition

I walked into the library today with the intention of picking up a classic (as part of my 2014 reading goals). In the back of my mind, I had briefly contemplated the thought of rereading Pride and Prejudice as I didn't really love it the first time I read it. Then I came across this beautiful Collector's Library Omnibus Edition of Jane Austen's novels, all of which are illustrated. I just had to borrow this book (even though it was super thick and heavy) because it actually made me pretty excited about reading Jane Austen.

6. High Rhulain by Brian Jacques + 4 others

While in the YA section of the library, my eyes were immediately drawn to this shelf where there was a long row of beautiful books all with a common brown book-spine theme with gorgeous sprawling words on them. The were obviously part of a series and upon walking closer, I realized it was the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. 

I grew up reading Redwall novels. I followed the series almost religiously during high school, having read every single one that had been published at the time. When I came across the series today, I was startled to find there were several books in the series that came out later which I haven't read yet so I picked all of them up: High Rhulain, The Sable Queen, Eulalia!, Doomwyte and The Rogue Crew (which was published posthumously). 

So that's it. Those are the 14 books I borrowed from the library today. I can't wait to start tackling this pile and I'll definitely come back here and let you know my thoughts on them! :D

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