Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dymocks - The best 101 books as voted by Dymocks booklovers

So recently, I came across Dymocks' list of the best 101 books as voted by their book buyers. For the complete list, you can click here. Curious, I grabbed the catalogue and started ticking the books that I have read and here were my results:

  • In the top 10, I'm actually not doing too bad and I have read 6 of the top 10 with another 1, TFIOS, on my TBR list. Plus, 1984 is sort of tentatively on my TBR.
  • In the top 11 to 50, I've only read 6 with another 2 on my TBR. I definitely fall short on the classics genre, which features heavily on this list. There's another 2 that I've started and can't really say I've finished - the Bible (read it sporadically in high school - I went to a Lutheran college) and Fifty Shades of Grey (sorry but I couldn't stomach the writing - made it partway into the first book and had to put it down)
  • In the top 51 to 101, I've only read 5 (*sigh*) with a few on my TBR. 

I recognise most of the books on this list but I just haven't had the time to read them, especially the classics. Classics just takes forever to get through and although, at the end of it, they are worth the effort, I don't have that much spare time to devote to them.

My goal is to make an effort to be able to tick off most of the books on this list, starting from the top.

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