Friday, March 25, 2016

Feature Follow Friday: Short Stories

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This week's feature

Kati Bookaholic Rambling Review

This week's prompt is

Short Stories (as companions to a series): what do you love about them and hate about them?

My Answer

I have mixed feelings about novellas or short stories that are companions to a series. I adore some of them to pieces, and others I see as just pointless money-making schemes. When done well though, I think they are absolutely fabulous additions to the series. 

Reasons I love them:
  • They bring us back into the world that we love
  • They reacquaint us with the main characters, often sharing us a snippet of their lives after the main series have ended
  • Alternatively, they shed some light into the main characters' background
What about you guys? Do you love or loathe them?

1 comment:

  1. Now I don't feel bad. I also (strongly) feel that many times novellas are money-making schemes. I think that's all I talked about in my post. Whoops!