Sunday, June 26, 2016

Off Topic Sunday: Real Life Always Gets in the Way

Welcome to Off-Topic Sunday, a tag that I'm using to post whatever is floating in my head that I want to chat about. For the most part, they'll be book-related but you may occasionally see some non-book-related posts/rants as well.


I have been away from the blogosphere for two whole months? It's absolutely crazy! And the reason for my hiatus? Real life got in the way.

Like it always does. >_<

So since my last post, my rotation at work finished and I have been relocated to a rural town 3 hours up north. It's a great rotation, lots of hands-on experience (much more than I would get in the city) and exposure to a lot of general conditions that I wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to or deal with in the city due to the availability of all the specialties. However, having said that, living up here also has its downsides. The busy workload, lack of constant Internet access and crazy line-up of continuing education courses I have inflicted onto myself means that reading and blogging have fallen to the wayside.

I have read a total of two books in the last two months.

It's a travesty.

Living up here is sort of weird because I feel like I'm inside a bubble where my entire existence have shrunk down to the two streets between my temporary residence and my workplace. Sure, occasionally, I wander one block out to the local supermarket to get some food but beyond that, I haven't done much exploring or anything besides work, food and sleep. (Being vehicle-less have also contributed to the problem)

So today is very much a wake-up call. I hope to get some more reading done (I am currently reading The Last Star with my heart in my throat) and get back into the blogging of things.

If real life gets in the way again, I hope to see you all in August where I will be back in the city and hopefully with better access to the Internet.

Until next time!

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  1. I can relate to this so easily. With me it's been exams and school that took over, but now I'll be taking an official hiatus by going on holiday XD hopefully after this wake up call we'll both be able to get back on track with reading! Have a lovely day <3
    Enchanted by YA