Friday, September 19, 2014

Feature Follow Friday: Blogger Pet Peeves

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Question of the Week:

Blogger pet peeves? (Like when I've drafted an entire post, ready to publish it, and I see somewhere I've left out a html code... When I didn't even do my post in html) - Suggested by Take Me Away...
As I'm still quite new to blogging, I'm not too sure I have gathered enough pet peeves regarding it. I occasionally have lost draft posts just as I was about to post them for some unknown reason, which causes me angst and then I lose all interesting in posting said post. Still haven't worked a way around it apart from copying it onto word prior to posting. *shrug*

What about you? Any blogger pet peeves you have and what have you done to overcome them?


  1. Happy Friday!

    I have yet to experience that but I guess another pet peeve of mine is when the post I scheduled wouldnt post on time, and that irritates me especially when I had a busy day. Thank you for stopping by my blog, following you back on BL!

    Looking forward to more of your posts :)

    Dreamland Teenage Fantasy

  2. I hate that! It's like, where the heck did it go?! Thanks for visiting my F&F!

  3. My only pet peeve is blogs that take forever to load. I am gone in 10 seconds, I don't wait for kittens, ponies, awards, etc... LOL

    New GFC follower.

    Guy Vestal @ Counter Culture Critic Here is my #FF

  4. blogger always saves drafts, but annoying to retrieve.
    I am just hopping by, number 33 by the way.

  5. I have accidentally deleted my posts too. I hate that! I do them all in word now and then copy and paste and add the html in. At least that way, I've got backup. New bloglovin' follower. My F&F. Happy reading!

  6. This happens to me, too! So frustrating, espeically after all the hard work we put into those posts. I have gotten tow here I write all of it in word and then put it into a post and fix it how I want it. It is amazing, reading other people's pet peeves has helped me gather and fix ones of my own! Happy Friday! Followed you back on GFC. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hey there, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm hopping back and a new follower via GFC. I use Blogger too and it should automatically save your post, but I hit the save button often as well.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. I just chanced upon your blog and I think it's wonderful!:)
    You've got a new follower!:) I'm coming back here<3
    The Journeys' of my beating heart