Sunday, January 10, 2016

Off Topic Sunday: Resisting Spoilers

Welcome to Off-Topic Sunday, a tag that I'm using to post whatever is floating in my head that I want to chat about. For the most part, they'll be book-related but you may occasionally see some non-book-related posts/rants as well.

Today, I want to talk about a really bad habit of mine - reading spoilers for a book I'm currently reading just to see what is coming up ahead. It's one thing to get accidentally spoiled for a book that you are reading (or about to read) by (well)-meaning friends or the Internet - you know who is to blame there. However, to self-willingly go hunting for spoilers is another matter entirely. I'm not sure if anybody else have that problem but it certainly plays a big role in my reading experiences.

Sometimes when I am in the middle of a book, and the tension is rising, and I foresee something major may be looming in the horizon, I'm really anxious to find out what is about to happen. And occasionally, I don't want to wade through 100 more pages to find out what happens, I want to know now! (I think living in the modern age with fast access to everything has given me a very low patience limit) Every time this happens, I am always reminded of the episode in How I Met Your Mother called Spoiler Alert.

When I really want to find out what's going to happen, I am Ted, dying to find out what happens. "Just tell me already!"

My brain tries to be rational and argue that based on my past experiences, I should just enjoy the ride and find out things as they come along. However, inevitably, I give into temptation and go online to search up what's happening.

Then, as soon as I find out, my reaction is exactly like Ted's.
"Well, thank you pal, you just had to tell me. You had to give in to my incessant begging."
~Spoiler Alert, Season 3 Episode 8 of How I Met Your Mother

I don't know how many books I have spoiled for myself like this. It's a weakness I tell you. I think I am getting better at it and am doing this less and less in recent times. However, I am still having the occasional stuff-up.

What about you guys? Do you practice this odd habit of mine? Or can you handle the rising tension of the book and just find things out as you go along?


  1. I hate spoilers! As difficult as it is to wait, I make myself!! :)

    1. I need to adopt your practice! I have lost count how many times I've kicked myself for reading ahead :(