Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Favourite Romance Novels - Valentine's Day Edition!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Whether you are single, in a committed relationship or married, I hope you have had a lovely day with your loved ones. :) In honour of today, I have decided to list some of my favourite romances for those who need something to get into the romantic mood!

1. Anna and the French Kiss trilogy by Stephanie Perkins

I absolutely adore this series to bits. Anna and the French Kiss begins with Anna being shipped off to the romantic city of Paris for her final year of high school. She is less than thrilled to be taken away from her own school, friends and the city she grew up in to be dumped in a country where she doesn't even speak the language. That is, until she met Etienne St. Clair, a smart charming guy who would make the ultimate boyfriend - except for the fact he's already in a committed relationship.

The two sequels feature different sets of characters so these books can be read in any order (though reading in the chronological order would be recommended). They are all charming in their own way and are each based in a different setting. This is my ultimate go-to series for some warm fuzzy feeling.

2. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

This novel is one of my favourite new adult standalones. It contains everything I needed in a new adult novel: romance, charm and burgeoning adult issues as the main characters grow into that transition from teenagers to adults. Samantha Reed has for the longest time watched the Garretts next door live their loud rambunctious and messy lives. Her neat and tidy mother has always warned her about them. Until one day, Jase Garrett climbs up onto her rooftop perch. I absolutely loved this novel from the beginning. This definitely comes highly recommended!

3. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I love Rainbow Rowell's novels! And believe it or not, Fangirl isn't my favourite novel of hers. Attachments is! It does have a very odd premise but trust me, it's adorable! When Lincoln applied for the job "IT security officer," he didn't know that what it entailed was to read his coworkers' emails on a daily basis. But when he reads Beth and Jennifer's emails to one another, he can't help but be drawn into their lives and be captivated by them. Perhaps even fall a little bit in love.

4. Pivot Point duology by Kasie West

I really had some trouble picking which of Kasie West's works I wanted to highlight. I enjoyed almost all of her novels and ultimately, the decision came down between the Pivot Point duology and On The Fence. Pivot Point won by a slight margin because I absolutely loved the ending of Pivot Point and how the story line then picked up in Split Second. Addison has a special gift - she is able to look into the future and see the outcomes of any potential decisions. So when her parents decides to split up, she needs to decide whether to go with her father into the outside world of the "Norms" or stay behind with her mother. When she peeks into her future, she could not have prepared for the answers she discovers and the terrible choice she is about to make.

5. The Bridgertons' series by Julia Quinn

And for those who enjoy historical romance, I recommend the entire Bridgertons' series to you, starting from The Duke and I and going right through to Happily Ever After. This series gives such an instant sugar high that they will bound to give you a sweet tooth. :)

So there you go, those are the romance novels that I recommend to you guys. What romances do you enjoy? List them in the comments below and I'll be sure to check them out!

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  1. These all look so good! I really need to try Anna and the French Kiss at some point. Those books look so cute!