Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Wrap-Up

So another month has come and gone and we're now already into the beginning of March - this year is going by so fast! So this is going to be my February wrap-up in which I discuss all things that happened last month

Work-wise, it has been a bit crazy. I'm currently doing my emergency medicine rotation and it's simply hectic. So many patients to get through the ED in so little time. Plus, the senior doctors you work with changes with every shift so it takes some adjusting at the beginning of each shift - everyone does things a little bit differently and you have to remember what each of the doctors like. But overall, I'm learning lots and hopefully, I am improving.

February Recap

Book-wise, for the month of February, I read a total of 12 books, which are listed below. (Links directs you to the review I wrote)

In terms of reviews, I have only reviewed Carrie and Fangirl. But I am planning on reviewing the rest of these books once I get time to do so. (And I'll come back to update the post with links) Unfortunately, work has been ridiculous and I have a little project on the side which has been taking up a lot of my time as well. *sigh*

Ready or not, March is already here. May we all have a good reading month!

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