Saturday, March 8, 2014

Name Update!

Hi everyone,

After many people commented on my rather ... uhm unusual ... pen name, I've thought about it and decided it's probably time for a change. And no, this was not a snap decision. Ever since I first had it back on, I have been getting comments about it and I've thought on and off about whether or not I should change. Even on forums, many of my online friends would lament that they feel bad calling me Witless Fool and also that they couldn't shorten it to anything. (One friend tried just calling me Wit for a while, that didn't sit well with either of us unfortunately). 

I think this blog was really the final straw that broke the camel's back. I've decided while I may be comfortable with it now, as my blog continues to grow, I might not be so comfortable with this in a year's time or two years' time. So after some hard thinking and some more hard thinking, I've decided to just drop the Witless Fool and go on as simply

Obsessive Compulsive Reader

That way, you guys have one less thing to remember :D Plus you can shorten it to OCR if you want a nickname.

It might take some getting use to but I figured it'd probably be better to make the change now rather than later. I've also made the change across on bloglovin too and hopefully over the coming months, the confusion will fade away into the past and no one will ever remember my unfortunate original pen name.

I hope you guys will continue to support me :)


  1. Replies
    1. Haha thanks :D now I'll just need to get used to it myself. I still find myself occasionally signing off comments with the traditional Witless Fool. *facepalm*