Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top Ten Things on My Bookish Bucket List

TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week, the topic is for us to list the top ten things on our bucket list book-wise. It can be blogging-related, book-related or writing-related. So here are the 10 things that came to mind :)

1. Own a personal library collection

Now this doesn't have to be as impressive as Jay Walker's personal library collection (now that one is a masterpiece - google image "world's greatest personal library"). But someday maybe, when I get my own place, I'd like to have a room dedicated to the library with floor to ceiling bookshelves lining all the walls (ideally with one of those rolling ladders too).

2. Read all the books on Time 100 list of the 100 best novels

I think I went through the list recently and discovered I've only read a handful of the books on that list, so I'm hoping to rectify that!

3. Meet more authors and attend book signings

I think the only book of mine that is signed was by Isobelle Carmody and that was only because she came to my high school for a talk. But hopefully, once I get more free time under my belt, I'll be able to indulge in my bookish hobbies.

4. Be part of a book club

I'm not very good at joining things and regularly participating. But I'd love to join a book club one day (again, when I'm more free) and participate with other people - I don't mind if this is in person or online.

5. To build a well-established book blog

I don't have a certain figure as to how many followers I would like to have or how many unique visitors. Since I'm just starting out, I guess I just hope my blog is here to stay and that it'll continue to grow.

6. Have a better online presence

Going hand in hand with the previous goal, I think I'm still at the learning process when it comes to building my online presence, using social media and interacting with fellow book lovers out here on the world wide web.

7. Write and (hopefully) publish a novel

Clearly, a lot of us book bloggers (and even non-bloggers) have this goal. But *shrug* it's just something I'm very interested in and maybe, one day, it'll happen.

8. Get a better grasp of the English grammar

Grammar has always been the thing that has eluded my grasp. Even during high school, I would get excellent grades but grammar would always be the thing that drags my average English grade down to an Asian F (A- for those wondering what an Asian F is).

9. Get into new genres that I'm not too familiar with

This is similar to the 2014 book goals I had about expanding into new genres and trying books that I normally wouldn't try. I still haven't read a classic yet (I don't think) so I still need to do that.

10. Get to the point where publishers will send me ARC copies :D

Well, that's the dream, isn't it? :P

Anyway, what were your top ten bookish bucket list goals? Leave a comment or link below and I'll be sure to check it out!


  1. I also want to build a well-established blog! It can be hard being new, keep doing what your doing you have a great blog :)

  2. I've been slowly building my blog for years and I just now feel like it is where I want it. And still there are things I want to modify. It's too pink, for example!

    May all your dreams come true.

    Here's my Book-ish Bucket List!

  3. I think being part of a bookclub would be awesome, but I am terrible at reading things when I have to lol

    Good luck building your blog :) I hope it gets to where you want it to be!

  4. I'm pretty new at blog building too, I really would like to increase my own online presence too! It's nice seeing that lots of people have the same dreams and ambitions! Can I just say as well, that Library is beautiful! Please Santa?

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

    My TTT: http://chasedbymyimagination.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/top-ten-tuesday-my-picks-for-things-on.html

  5. This is great! Along the same lines as some of mine. Building an online presence is hard, quirkiness and all the traits that make you you don't translate well all the time. A personal library has been my dream since I could read and that's what I'm missing on my list! Oh, well there's always next year
    I'd love to join an online book club with you, great idea! Thanks for asking ;)

  6. I love the idea of expanding horizons as far as genre goes. I've been doing a bit of that lately, but sometimes I think "I like what I like" and that's it.

    As for an established book blog: you'll get there!

    Bekka @ Great Imaginations

  7. The Asian F cracks me up. :) That's so true. :)

  8. I am also working towards getting a more established book blog. It is going to take a long time but I'm up for the challenge.

    my TTT: http://www.bookythoughtsandme.com/top-ten-things-bookish-bucket-list/

  9. You should start a book club! Lots of fun (and some wine too!)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  10. What a wonderful list!! Most of those goals are definitely achievable!! Just get yourself out there with the publishers. Email them not wanting anything (at first) ask to be added to their blogger lists or something. Good luck with your novel!!

  11. I agree that you totally should just start your own book club!!! You can do it! :D

    I love how this is a Top 10 Tuesday! You may also want to link up to the original Bookish Bucket List, too!

  12. Owning a personal library is also on my list as well. The public library system where I live has book sales every few months where where most books are priced between 50 cents or 1 dollar. I've accumulated SO many books by going to those. In high school I bought so many that I had to buy another bookshelf to hold my collection. Looks like I'll be needing yet another one!